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UCI Mortgages
Our Key Features

You already know that Portugal has many things to offer. The nice sunny weather, the warm blue sea, the hot sand, the amazing golf courses… So why experience it only a few days a year when you can have it all the year at your own house in Portugal? Buy or Change house in Portugal and benefit of our advantages

Our Key Features
Our Key Features
  • A team of highly experienced and qualified staff who will provide you with an efficient, friendly and knowledgeable service in your own language.
  • A wide range of mortgage products at competitive rates to suit your needs.
  • A strong and close partnership with the real estate agents, which links the process of choosing a house and getting the necessary financing.
  • A mortgage proposal which tells you how much you could borrow.
  • Expert, personal advice and the best professionals to see you through all the stages of buying a house in Portugal.
  • A bureaucracy free process, assured by our exclusive team of legal agents who take care of all required documentation.
Our Mortgages
Our Mortgages
  • Finance up to 70% of the house purchase value, according to applicants profile and the guarantees provided.
  • You can decide between Fixed Rate Mortgage, Mixed Rate Mortgage or Variable Rate Mortgage.
  • Long term mortgage, of up to 30 years.
  • Maximum age at end of the loan of 75 years.
  • A mortgage solution that allows to change house in Portugal without having to sell the existing property, by setting up a new mortgage on the current house with UCI.
  • Early Repayment of 0.5% fee charged on the repaid capital during the variable rate and 2% during the fixed rate.
  • A complete mortgage insurance offer that guarantees extra protection.
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