Aviso Apoio extraordinário às famílias para pagamento da prestação de contratos de crédito habitação (Decreto-Lei n.º 20-B/2023). Saiba mais aqui.
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UCI Mortgages

About UCI

Who are we?

UCI is a financial entity specialized in mortgage solutions exclusively available through Real Estate Agents.

As a specialist, UCI offers a complete service, from application to signing the mortgage deed, making the purchase of home easy, convenient and secure. As the preferred financing partner of Real Estate Agents, UCI helps costumers to secure a good purchase at a fair price.

Through the experience acquired, developed and shared, we are familiar with your needs and understand them. if you want to move to Portugal, or if you just want to enjoy your holiday at your own house, UCI has the most appropriate mortgage solution for you.

Tell us what you want and we will show you the way.

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Até vantagens no Crédito Habitação. Ao recomendar o Crédito Habitação UCI ganha e os seus amigos ganham também.
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